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SolPunks DAO
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About SolPunks

Solpunks is a Historical NFT collection based on the Solana Blockchain. It is an Homage collection to the original Cryptopunks from the Ethereum blockchain. Solpunks were the first collection to complete mint on Solana, hence why it’s a Historical collection for Solana NFTs. Holding a Solpunk in your wallet is the same as owning a piece of Solana History.

The Website

The Solpunks website was an immense project for us. From the ground up, it was a challenge to build this massive website in WordPress, while making sure that it was fast and had a good user experience. Overall this website is packed with special features and requests that you don’t see on all the websites. Since NFTs are part of the Web 3.0 spec, we wanted to develop a website that had the web 3.0 Look & feel.

This website has more than 10k pages because each Solpunk has its own dedicated page. We have also built a “SolPunk Builder” where the website visitors, can create their own custom Solpunks with the attributes available on the collection and save them as images. Another cool thing we did, was to have a Dark and Light version of the website, and the user can select what he prefers. Go check the website, it’s full of other gems like these.

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4 Weeks

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